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The Internet Lost & Found
Our life is arranged so that if one loses,
the other finds it necessarily.
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Boomerang is a lost and found service that helps our users to get their lost things back.  In contrast to traditional lost and found that work locally, our internet-service is global. You won’t have to get to know where the nearest lost and found office is anymore, and if you lose an item marked with one of Boomerang products, all you need to have for contacting a finder is a mobile phone and/or email. Our products: stickers for documents, keychains, universal tags for bags and suitcases, specially designed in our company. Each product has a special code on it (always a unique one), which will help a finder to notify the owner about the loss and contact them. For those who go abroad we make products in English. Basically, foreigners are acquainted with this type of service and ready to help in returning an item to an owner without hesitation. Please visit our online store to get a notion about the complete range of products that we have for you. Besides, you can always obtain our goods in travel agencies. You can always find a nearest agency address in the Contacts, Sales  Points section. Protect your personal items beforehand – and their loss won’t stress you anymore.

After purchasing a Boomerang product you should activate your 8-digit activation code on the website to mark your protected item.

If the product is lost and found, a Boomerang label will make it more noticeable. That means a finder will notice a unique 8-digit code on it.

The later the finder will enter 8-digit code on website and leave his or her con-
tacts. And we will notify you about your lost and found item via SMS or e-mail.

After you get the contacts (mobile phone, e-mail) of a finder, you'll be able to arrange a meeting with him or her and get your lost item back.

We accept online payments from Visa and Mastercard. Transactions are performed in a secure way by means of Millikart system.

You can also pay cash to a courier on your order receipt. Delivery is available Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

FAQ knowledge
What can I protect from loss?

Documents, car license plates, keys, luggage, mobile phones, digital photo and video equipment, laptops, tablets, etc. You should remember that your items registration, especially before travelling, would help you to make sure your lost things are highly certain to be found.

What’s the chance of getting back my lost thing?

Most people are ready to return a lost thing to an owner if they have the contacts.  Boomerang is helpful in the way that we help a finder to contact an owner. Moreover, after registering an item you can designate a reward to be paid to a finder for return.

Is it possible to get a lost thing back if I’m abroad?

Yes, it is. Sometimes all you need is internet. When your lost thing is found you’ll get a notification by SMS and/or email. You can discuss a delivery method with the finder yourself.

What if I lost a passport abroad?

Generally, you are supposed to notify the police about your loss. But if you bought a sticker (English) from us and stuck it on the passport, then your chances for your passport return will be higher.

Do inscriptions on keychains and stickers rub off?

Inscriptions on all Boomerang products don’t rub off. Inscriptions and codes on metal keychains are engraved. Inscriptions on stickers are performed with a special printing process.

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